Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Town Party Country Party (Season 1, Episode 7)

Laura and some other girls are running a 4 X to-the-post relay, but not gimpy Olga. She sits alone until it's time for class, and then it takes her half the day to walk up the stairs to the classroom.

The next day it's Nellie's birthday party, and all the girls in school are invited. As Mary and Laura get ready, they have to shine their shoes. Complete the phrase: "Shoes should shine like a..."? Laura guesses "Christmas penny". Wrong! The answer is "Sunday smile" and Ma is VERY firm about it.

The girls arrive at Nellie's, where Nellie tosses their gifts aside. How rude! Willie and some of the girls are playing with an ark toy set (just kidding, they're obviously only watching Willie play with it) on the floor of the magnificent living room, with the nicest furniture of any furniture in any house in Walnut Grove.

"And there's two of everything. Except for the giraffe because Nellie hid it on me 'cause she knew it was my favourite," says Willie, accentuating every word to the freaking max. I have never heard delivery like that. The cadence is killer.

Nellie has a new doll, but no one can touch it or play with it. As she shows it to her guests, Laura touches the dress. Nellie pulls it away quickly and part of the trim is ripped. Nellie goes nuts and pushes Laura over. "Pa can fix it. He's finer'n most with a needle," Laura offers, but Mrs. Oleson rudely tells Laura off and makes all the kids go outside.

Laura twisted her ankle when Nellie pushed her, so she sits with Olga while the other girls run around. After the party, Olga lies to her father and says that she played with all the girls, but he sees through it. He just doesn't want her to get hurt by being left out.

Ma suggests that Mary and Laura could have a party. Laura is home from school because she can't walk on her ankle yet, but Mary invites all their school chums. Olga says that Nellie is poor because she has no happiness inside. She's a philosopher. I wish she would have stuck around. I love how sweet and soft-spoken she is.

That evening, Pa is shoeing Patty, the horse. Her leg is bowed, so she wears a special shoe. Laura asks Pa, "What makes cripples?" He doesn't know. Laura mentions that Olga walked on a plank outside of Hansen's and she didn't limp at all, which gives Pa an idea...

Charles visits Olga's pa and grandmother. Her pa won't let Charles fix her shoe so she can walk better. Later on, at the little house, Olga and her grandmother show up with a shoe for Pa to work on.

The day of the party, Pa reveals the shoe he rigged up. It's basically a platform shoe. When she puts it on, she can walk across the floor of the little house no problem. While the family watches proudly and happily, Olga hugs Pa. I'm such a sap for stuff like this. Can someone pass me the Kleenex?

The other party guests arrive, and Mary shows them the loft. One of the girls: "This is the kind Miss Beadle wears!" The bottle of lemon verbena, Laura's pretty much only possession. The girls go outside and play some tomboy game with running around bases. Olga is so awesome with her shoe that she beats Nellie, who becomes irritable and vindictive.

After the game, Nellie suggests - oooh, that bitch! - that they take off their shoes to wade in the creek. How evil can one kid be? In the water, Laura scares Nellie with a giant crab and Nellie falls facedown into the cruddy looking part of the creek.

Back at Olga's, her father has done some footwear examination and found her extra pair to be missing. Now he's onto the scheme! He shows up at the Ingalls's with the intention to knock Chuck's block off. Pa is working, unsuspecting, in the barn, when a shadow darkens the doorway. The Russian (even though he's, like, Dutch) Terminator says: "Ingalls. I told you not to meddle."

The two men engage in some choking and eye-gouging, until they are interrupted by the sound of children's laughter. The kids are playing tag, Olga included. Her pa stops trying to kill Charles. He is moved beyond words.

The party ends with Nellie giving a crazy outburst speech to warn Pa about the killer crab in the creek, followed by a curtsy.


Julie said...

Laura volunteered Ma to mend the dress not Pa...why in the worth would Pa be handy with a needle??

LongWinter said...

Yeah, you're right. Don't know what the hell I was thinking.

Anonymous said...

No leave it in because it's funnier that way. Cuz Charles Ingalls can fix fucking anything- the bastard can even sew! lol.