Saturday, May 16, 2009

Doctor's Lady

Doc Baker and Lars Hansen are playing some kind of probably immoral card game in the doc's office (spoiler: it's pinochle) when the stage arrives. Hansen says that the stage is late. Doc counters that the stage is early. Jeez, why are these guys even friends? Well, I guess it's this or else being BFF with some knob like Charles Ingalls. You'd have to be a big fan of the fiddle and meddling to wanna go down that path.

The stage delivers Kate Thorvald, teenage-ish niece to Harriet & Nels Oleson. She promptly falls out of the stage and requires medical care from Doc Baker. TV has had a long tradition of hunky medical doctors, from George Clooney to McDreamy, and apparently it all started with Doc Baker sexing it up on the prairie.

Pa was working at the mill when Kate fell, so naturally he had to be the one to carry her into Doc Baker's office. Like, none of the other 25 tools who come to gawk at the stage every week would be able to do anything with Hero Township's finest on the scene.

So, Kate has a dislocated thumb. Whatever. Look at the eye contact between these two. Feel the attraction!

Kate is smitten. She interrogates her uncle Nels about why such a good doctor would stay in such a shithole like Walnut Grove. I think Kate was from Chicago, so I guess she's allowed to hold such strong opinions.

The next day, she goes for a horseback ride. Spotting Doc Baker at the Ingalls place, she smacks the horse to send it running away, then runs down to the little house with a lie about being thrown.

She's all devious, like: "Oh, Doc Baker, fancy seeing you here, hahaha!" And just look at the way these two are eyeballing each other.

Doc Baker, or maybe I should say Hiram, because that's what Kate's calling him now, drops her off at the Oleson's. Kate asks if he would like to take her for a drive tomorrow. Harriet comes outside and is a stunned witness to the flirtation. Doc & Kate make plans for the next day, and Doc celebrates with a twirling maneuver after Kate goes inside.

The next day, the Doc and Kate enjoy a picnic, and a tender moment.

When he leaves her at the Oleson's, she thanks him for a lovely time. Doc says something completely ridiculous like, "I don't know what to say. I enjoyed it, but that sounds lame." If, like me, you're wondering 'Could that possibly really be what he said?', yeah, it is. What is Doc Baker's history and experience with courting, anyway?

In the house, Harriet confronts Kate. Is Doc Baker falling in love with her? He's old! And a freaking veterinarian! And HE HAS NOTHING! NOTHING!!!

Later, at the mill, Hansen complains to Charles that Doc Baker never has time for him anymore since that young girl came to town. Hell, Hansen's only 5 years older than Doc Baker and you don't see him trying to hook up with... well, anyone.

I guess Doc Baker sensed that Hansen was feeling jealous, so he invited him over for more pinochle. Doc's mind is obviously elsewhere and he keeps making mistakes. Doc, dude, you're gonna have to get your shit together if you wanna play cards with Lars "Shark" Hansen.

Hansen figures it's a waste of time to continue the game, so he starts in with the "Kate Is A Child, And You're Old" tactic. Doc Baker's already been thinking about if they got married and had kids, how messed up that would be. But he doesn't care. He feels alive for the first time.

Kate accompanies the Doc on his rounds, which for some reason includes stopping at the Ingalls place to give candy to the children. Laura asks if they are going to get married.

After they drive off, Kate repeats Laura's question. Doc starts off saying what we're all thinking: He's too old. But he loves her. Doc's probable first kiss is interrupted by some townie yahoo yelling about an emergency.

As Doc's carriage rips toward the scene, he yells a proposal to Kate.

Later, Doc checks the mercantile's jewellery selection, but leaves with nothing.

At home, Doc Baker checks out some old watch chains he's got lying around, and cuts one into a ring size length. That night at a fancy party at the Oleson's, Doc Baker proposes officially to Kate and gives her a ring made from his father's watch chain.

Everyone is happy for the couple. Except Harriet and Nels.

Ma and Pa discuss it in bed. Ma is concerned about the age difference. Pa thinks it's cool if they're cool. But his daughters best not get any ideas about courting with older men, which I think we already knew.

Kate & Doc accept an invitation to the Ingalls for dinner. Kate plays baseball with Mary and Laura while Pa takes the Doc fishing. Doc Baker is troubled by Kate running around like a kid. He goes home and looks at his old face in the mirror'

The next day, he is called to the Olafsen's for a baby delivery. Kate comes along to help. Afterwards, he realizes that not only did he deliver the baby, but also the parents. Holy Hell, he's freaking ancient. This shit has to stop.

He breaks up with Kate, and she leaves town - never to be seen again.

Laura narrates that Doc Baker was depressed for a month, and then entirely back to accepting his celibate lifestyle.


Susan said...

Ugh, did Ma and Pa discuss it in bed while eating popcorn? I never got that obsession.

I also never understood why LHotP was so against May-December romances. When Mr. Edwards was finally, briefly happy with a younger woman, the show hated that too. Now, when I watched the show, I was under the impression that the niece was in her twenties--teens might be pushing it. But seriously, why are some people doomed to live alone just because they like people a little younger?

Colette said...

Oh I'm so glad you're posting again, I thought you'd abandoned the blog.

I always thought this episode was majorly depressing. Clearly he didn't love her that much if he was over her in like a month.

~tracy~ said...

oh i am so glad you are posting again also. you are so funny.

seriously, i always hated this episode. doc baker kissing anyone is just not right. i have to turn my head every time. i hope the actor playing kate got hazard pay.

Isadora said...

Hey you're back!:) I lost the URL to this blog for a few months and was so upset. You should have seen me typing, "BEADLE AIRBORNE" into Google just hoping to find you again! Your posts are so funny! You need a lot more followers, you deserve more exposure! Will you make any more posts? I crack up laughing with all of these. Your comments are freaking PRECIOUS! Anyone who is a fan of this show can't help but laugh. I love the screenshots, too. Please update soon! Need any help? Maybe I can do a post for you or something just to keep the love rollin in! LOL

Steve said...

Is that the "birthing sofa" in the last screen shot? Looks bloody uncomfortable.

And I must reiterate, how come the Ingalls work like ten slaves and never have a pot to piss in? Doc Baker has luxe accommodations and he never gets paid in anything but eggs.

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